Exclusively for you!

We hope you enjoy reading this exclusive digital copy of Paint magazine.  It the perfect taster of the inspirational tutorials, news and updates you’d receive six times a year when you join as a member.

At the beginning of the year, none of us could have anticipated months of working from home. What would that look and feel like? Here at the SAA, we found it made us even more productive.

For instance, in this issue, we can roll out our modern new branding and a clean redesign of Paint, which now has more pages. We’ve also changed the wrapping that this magazine,
and the Shop catalogue, comes in, to a version that is kind to our planet. Finally, to make sure we’re providing you with exactly what you want, we are inviting members to take part in a brand
new Members’ Panel!

Elsewhere, you’ll see that our founders, June and Alwyn Crawshaw, are back in the SAA fold (we are delighted) and we’re also bringing you some lengthier features, such as Jane Betteridge’s watercolour tutorial and the front cover artist story. Then, there’s an article where three generations of the same family tell us about their time with the SAA (possible, now that we’re 28 years young). Meanwhile, on page five, you’ll be able to see details of how we’ve evolved over the years and, in our final SAA Challenge 2020, we invite you submit paintings on the theme of what evolution means to you. After 2020 has thrown so much at us that no-one could have predicted, we’re excited to see what you come up with.

Happy painting and drawing!