Hans Christian Andersen, Copenhagen

John Ratcliffe

One of the world's great story tellers. Who has not heard at least one of his tales? Entertaining for children, but with a grown up message. For example, The Emperor's New Clothes is relevant now. All around the world too many leaders lie, detached from reality, manipulating, destructively pursuing their own interests.

One popular play by the right invents imaginary threats to our "society" to gain support. It ranges from blatant lies and agitation in the USA, to the equally dishonest, nonsensical, non-existent "attack" on the Last Night of the Proms in the UK.

Never believe a word. Spoken or written. Examine motive. Require evidence. Proof. Do your own research. Think for yourself. We have a PM worse than the naked Emperor. So much more than vanity going on here. There are too many folk blind to what they are doing, but that is another story.

It required a lot of patience to get a photo that wasn't bombed by another bloody tourist.

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