Marching Band, Malmo

John Ratcliffe

I had to smile. Quirky. Fun. I really enjoyed my time in Scandinavia. Great history, scenery, culture.

Scandinavia is one of those places I would consider living out my days. I would have to learn a new language from scratch. This is not a problem, but there are other places that would be easier to settle in this respect. I have basic French and German. I had a couple of Japanese lessons and 2 years of Latin.

Somewhere that isn't hot and sunny would be ideal. I prefer places with seasons. There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing.

Seasons are rare here now, thanks to the damage we are doing to the planet. I detest high temperatures. Painting and breathing becomes tricky.

We got here from Copenhagen by catching a train. No hassle. Something that will not be so easy after this year. Thanks to an insane vote to self harm, won by a minority. Leave the EU. No reason, only lies and prejudice. Just one way my retirement has been buggered.

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