Allan McNally

Held by Allan McNally

Allan offers friendly, informal tuition, support and encouragement at weekly classes around SW Scotland in Wigtown, Alloway, Prestwick and Troon. Also, 1- day and weekend workshops at his studio in a converted church in the remote and stunning landscape of SW Scotland. Available for demonstrations and residential workshops throughout the UK.
Allan produces a painting from a blank piece of paper in stages with explanations of equipment, materials, techniques, tips and advice during the workshop. A step by step demonstration is given by the tutor with the aid of a camera, projector and screen, so that detailed work is enlarged for easier visibility. Once, the first demonstration stage is given by the tutor, group members have a go themselves with guidance from Allan, working through each of the stages until the group members creating their own painting by the end of the workshop or art course.
Allan has a relaxed, friendly way of tutoring and demonstrating the chosen painting subject. After each stage, everyone have the opportunity to follow along and complete that stage, with the tutor on hand to go around to offer each individual encouragement, advice and some ?one to one? tuition on their own artwork. This is followed by a demonstration of the next stage, while the group takes a break from painting to watch the next stage of the demonstration unfolds. The class follows each demonstration, with the practical task of taking their very own painting toward completion, under the artist?s knowledgeable guidance.
Designed to inform, raise confidence in ability and to enabled student to get a result by the end of the day. You will find not only do you complete a painting, but you will be able to put into practice what you have learned in all your own future artwork. There are also numerous tricks, tips and techniques to be learned. You can benefit from Allan?s professional insights.
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Animal or Wildlife, Landscape or Woodland Scene, Portrait or Figure, Townscape or Streetscene


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