Autumn Aurora, Norway

Held by Karen Pearson

The Arctic autumn produces a wonderful display of colour as the sunrises and sunsets become longer, with yellows dissolving into oranges, often giving way to extraordinary mauves and purples in the fjords at low light. The colour of the landscape is magnificent, and as the first snow arrives in September/ October, russet leaves frame distant snowy mountains in the background. We will sketch and paint en plein air but we also have a super studio with panoramic views at our disposal.
As the nights begin to darken and if it is clear, there’s a good chance of seeing the glowing Aurora dance across the skies in luminous green bands – it’s quite simply breath-taking! So, we hope you’ll be sketching stunning autumnal landscapes by day and the spectacular northern lights by night.






Yggdrasiltunet, Bakkejord, Kvloya
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