Barbara Hunt

Held by Barbara Hunt

My ideas for my art classes are for everyone to enjoy the class, finish a picture every week (hopefully), have a few hours of total relaxation and a cup of tea thrown in, made by me..To learn something new every week and to have confidence in their ability to do anything they put their minds to, with a little help from me.
I want people to realise that they can paint, even if they cannot draw well. I use cheat sheets (traceable drawings), not always but I feel that if you want to learn to draw you can go to school to do that, my class is about enjoyment and not Artistic Certificates.
I promise to show you how to paint a great picture with the least fuss and bother, no suffering for your art.
It doesnt matter if you have never painting before or if you have been painting for years and fancy trying acrylics, the classes I run can help you do what you want but with some fun thrown in.


Acrylic Inks, Acrylics, Drawing, Gouache, Mixed Media, Oil, Pen And Ink, Watercolour


Flowers or Gardens, Landscape or Woodland Scene, Portrait or Figure, Townscape or Streetscene


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