Brusho and Watercolour at the Bandouille France 20

Held by Joanne Boon Thomas
Tutoring Description :
In addition to introducing Brusho, Joanne will also be tutoring sessions in watercolour. A medium in which she both excels and has a passion for. Joanne feels that watercolour is the ideal medium to capture the transparent effects of light and mood with sensitivity and its unpredictability provides an exciting edge to the challenge which, for her, is a large part of the attraction. The qualities she hopes to bring to her work and those of her students, are pleasing composition, harmonious colour, interesting textures and the quality of light.”
Joanne tutors in an easy, but more importantly generous way demonstrating and sharing her skill to her students helping them develop their painting in a loose and imaginative way. Joanne loves to help inspire other artists to realise the dormant talents they possess and hopefully guide them to a sense of contentment and pride in their work.”


Pen And Wash, Pencil/Charcoal, Watercolour

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