Held by Dbee Robinson

Currently Dbee is offering Doodle Art Workshops. These simple friendly workshops help spot stress in yourself and others, and calm your mind. Understand what happens to your body when you are stressed and how simple techniques, including Doodle Art, can help you relax. Perfect for Tetchy Teens to Grumpy Grans. ~ No artistic ability necessary ~ These workshops can be held In your own home or club: Including: WI, Place of work to calm and de-stress Employees, Cubs, Scouts Brownies or Guide groups, Kids Parties, Clubs, Schools, Hen parties and School holidays etc. £15 pp 3 hrs – Minimum of 6 people. All materials provided. Travel cost may be added dependant on venue. Discounts for large groups.

– Define and identify stress, anxiety and stressful situations.
– Understand its effects. (Possible Health and Mental issues including Sickness, Time off work, Insomnia, Anger, Diabetes, Lack of concentration, Unexplained pain, Heart problems, Weight gain to name a few)
– Working towards a healthier happier and less stressful lifestyle
– Looking for ways to stop the Fight or Flight response before it happens
– Understanding accepting yourself & others for who you / they are
– Understanding the Mind, Feeding the Body via nutrition, Healing the Soul with various tips and techniques

For more details contact: [email protected]