Encaustic Wax Online Courses

Held by Julie Wrathall

A selection of encaustic wax online courses, to suit all levels of ability and adventure.


But first a little about my background… I first discovered Encaustic Wax Art in 2012, and it was love at first sight!

I was absolutely entranced by this magical medium, and set out to learn as much about it as I possibly could. It touched me on a soul level like no other.

On exhibiting my work, it seemed people were as entranced by this medium as I was, and so my teaching began. I’ve run workshops, demos, art talks and 1-1’s to thousands of people over the years, from small art clubs, to The National Honey Show, and Living Crafts, helping complete beginners, who claim not to draw a straight line, through to professional artists wanting to expand their skills. Teenagers to grandparents.

More recently, I’ve brought my teachings online, with a selection of self paced online courses, or 1-1 zoom sessions.

I am passionate about sharing this medium, which is a truly healing art form, I’ve seen it’s therapeutic benefits time and time again.

Discover it’s magic for yourself!

Drop me a message if you have any questions!


Encaustic Wax

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