Free taster: Introduction to Painting Landscape in Acrylics

Held by Angela Birchall

“Introduction to Landscape Painting in Acrylics” is an online teaching package that is far more than just a free painting demonstration. It is a full blown package which, as its name suggests, introduces you to every aspect surrounding the topic of painting landscapes in acrylics.

We look at how artists have used landscape in their paintings over the centuries – from just a backdrop to religious and mythological scenes through the Dutch Romantics, Turner and Constable and into the French Impressionists.

I’ll show you what we mean by the “rules of composition” and how you can use them in your work to decide just what to paint, especially if you go out to work in situ as those later landscape artists did.
Then there are lots of practical painting exercises introducing you to the wonderful world of colour mixing and how juxtapositioning of colours create different moods, emotions and suggest seasons or times of the day, etc. You will create your own colour wheel, which is a great tool to keep by your side, and will practice mixing the exact colours of all sorts of objects and scenes.

Finally, we put it all together in the main painting exercise where you follow me step by step to create a painting “Road through the Snow”.
Unlike attending live classes, you not only get a close-up view of the painting demonstration, you can do the paintings whenever you want to in the comfort of your own home and take as much time as you want to do them. It is entirely up to you how you use the main painting session’s videos; you can watch the whole thing through and then do your painting; it is in two sections, so you can watch part 1 and do your own version before watching part 2; or watch a smaller section then pause the video while you do that section, then watch the next part, pause it and paint that, and so on.

An added bonus for you is that I deliberately keep the amount of art materials you will need to the absolute minimum, so don’t think it will cost you a fortune to be able to take part in the FREE taster package.
When you have fallen in love with the art of painting landscapes and realised just how easy, relaxing and fulfilling it is, then this free taster package will set you up for a smooth transition onto the full You CAN draw and paint “Painting Landscapes in Acrylics” programme.




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