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Painting should be fun, intense, challenging, artistic, creative, all of these, but still fun, has anyone sold a painting they did not enjoy completing?
My tuition follow this maxim, and I do indulge my students in as much as I provide the drawing, colour palette and plan the sequence. It is true, drawing is the essential start to most paintings so in order to complete the work in a half day some transfer the drawing to their watercolour paper by tracedown. I make no apology for this!
We do from time to time have a complete painting day when we get together, have some instuction on drawing techniques, tonal values etc before lunch, then complete the painting in the afternoon. It seems to work, many of my students complete very creditable works at home, as seen in our recent group exhibition.
My week long holidays planned for 2014 will follow this sequence, drawing in the morning and painting in the afternoon, either on location (for preference) or back in the ‘studio’. Weather is a factor in La Charente, it can be too hot and shade can be at a premium, or it can rain, bit like UK really!
The essential thing is to enjoy your painting, and want to do another, soon.
NOTE: Start dates are subject to change


Drawing, Watercolour


Animal or Wildlife, Landscape or Woodland Scene, Portrait or Figure, Still Life, Townscape or Streetscene


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