Introduction to Creative Batik on Paper

Held by Amina Sly-khan

A fantastic day spent learning the basics of batik. This is the ancient art of Indonesia using hot wax and paints to create pieces of artwork. A fun and exciting day exploring many possibilities with dyes, melted wax, textured papers, collage, brushes, and tjanting ( traditional wax application tool).
In this workshop, batik skills and free creativity are combined to create wax resist paintings and objects. Batik techniques used on paper are very versatile and encourage experimentation. You can expect to make simple abstract designs with marks from brushes and a tjanting, which can be developed in further stages of applying layers of wax and dyes until you achieve your desired final result. Explore the many possibilities with dye and melted wax on different qualities of paper. Using a viewfinder you can choose a detail for a new composition which is more spontaneous than following a given design and create an artistic surprise. Details can be used as a starting point for a new piece of work; collage can be used as a way to create layers; and shapes which can be moved around to give an idea a better chance to develop without being forced. The waxed papers can be used in objects like making artist’s books, cards and folders.
The working method is free, fast, and playful – and exploring beyond the limits of the traditional batik craft. These methods have been developed and explored by the tutor in her personal work over many years, following on from considerable experience in traditional batik on fabric.
The workshop will include: Experimenting with dye to create unforeseen and spontaneous images; a collage of patterns with a variety of papers; wax printing on paper using a hot iron over waxed fabric; ideas for making objects as folders and cards, suitable for a personal gift.


Mixed Media, Multiple Mediums, Wax


Abstract or Experimental


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