Judith Farnworth

Held by Judith Farnworth

I teach at art groups and societies throughout the North of England and plan to travel further afield in the future.
I run both half day and all day watercolour workshops on “Loosening Up” and teach lots of tips and hints which watercolourists need to know if they are to improve their work. I teach people how to mix colour and how to choose their palettes without being a slave to a photograph. I wasn’t taught a lot of these things during the early stages of my painting journey and I am now passionate about sharing the knowledge and skills I know will help people.
I also work in Brusho and run both half and all day sessions introducing people to this fabulous medium.
I firmly believe that painting is a skill and not a talent and can therefore be learned, and once people master some of the skills they find their work really does improve!!
I also do individual tuition.


Pencil/Charcoal, Watercolour


Animal or Wildlife, Flowers or Gardens, Portrait or Figure, Still Life


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