Landscape painting in acrylics

Held by Angela Birchall

The format of the classes are you following me step-by-step in the creation of landscape paintings from preparatory drawing to finished art work.
You will learn to mix all your colours from just the 3 primary colours plus black and white, so you will gain a fantastic understanding of creating colours and shades as well as how to apply them and how we use cool v warm colours and complementary colours to create different moods and effects.
From both discussion and putting it into practice, you will also learn how we use composition and placing of the different elements to lead the eye of the viewer around the whole scene.
The classes are fun and social (my only rule is that there are no mistakes, only experiments) but they are not social “daub and chat” gatherings, they are explicitly taught lessons which makes them ideal for beginners, intermediate or those returning to painting after a break.
All materials are provided and you obviously have your finished paintings to take home with you. The cost is £40 for a block of 4 lessons, payable in advance. Classes run on a rolling 4-week block system.






Scarisbrick Village Hall, Smithy Lane Scarisbrick, Lancashire, L40 8HH
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