Life in Colour II - 10 weeks (Wednesdayam)

This course builds on the Life in Colour I course. This course is based on the premise that the students have a knowledge of the colour wheel and how it is used to mix colour.
However, it makes references to the colour wheel and the theories of mixing colour including: making warm and cool colours; looking at shadow colours, are they warm or cool? Reflective colours; how colours affect each other.
Each week will involve painting from a still life. If the weather is good, we may transfer outside. This will depend on a unanimous decision of the class. Each dealing with a different set of challenges relating to the colours within the set up. Ultimately we will work from the figure in colour.
Palettes we will be dealing with include:
Working from complementary colours. Three weeks working from each of the primary colours and their complementary opposites.
Working from cool neutrals. Including the reflective surfaces of cool grey metals.
Working from warm neutrals including working from warm copper/brass metal surfaces.
Working from black tones. Mixing black from a limited palette colours.
Working from a white still life set up.
Working from analogous colours. Again working from both cool and warm analogous colour set ups.
Working from the figure.
Portrait of dark skin.
If your looking for a fun and friendly group to explore colour with in a small warm studio then this is the course for you.
All materials (acrylic paints and brushes) and tea and coffee are provided. You just need to bring some suitable clothing and/or apron. If you have specific art materials you enjoy working with, e.g. oil paints, pastels etc. you are welcome to use those.




Portrait or Figure, Still Life


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