Northern Lights, Norway

Held by Karen Pearson

Our base for this Art Safari is the beautiful Kvaløya Island (Whale Island), about an hour’s drive from Tromso, where we are surrounded by Norwegian wilderness and superb views of mountains and the sea.

Dress warmly for sketching walks as we explore the arctic landscape here with its dramatically rocky coastline scattered with quaint wooden fishing huts and secluded villages, panoramic views of the icy ocean and towering snowy fjords. Late winter is a wonderful time of year in this part of Norway, the landscape is still covered in a crisp blanket of snow, there is plenty of daylight and sunlight (!) and the soft hues of pinks, oranges and purples at sunrise and sunset are magical. We will paint outside and in the warmth of our spacious studio with wraparound views…






Yggdrasiltunet, Bakkejord, Kvloya
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