Painting Landscapes in Acrylics: Premier programme

Held by Angela Birchall

In the “Painting Landscapes in Acrylics” programme from “You CAN draw and paint” I will guide you step-by-step through a series of 5 carefully constructed modules, each one focusing on a key aspect of landscape painting: creating distance, using pathways, depicting water, trees in all shapes and seasons, and bridges in landscapes.

Each of those 5 modules comprises 5 lesson packages based around that module’s theme. They have all been designed to set you up for success, and in each lesson I will introduce new elements to you while I will also revise and refine elements that you have learned in previous lessons. That way it will build up your confidence and expertise and lead you confidently on to future lessons, future modules and even future programmes.

Unlike attending live art classes, doing them online means you not only get a close-up view of the painting demonstration, you can do the paintings whenever you want to in the comfort of your own home and take as much time as you want to do them. You can also stop the video at any time and go back over sections, or repeat the whole exercise a few weeks or months after doing the first one – that’s a fantastic way to chart your progress. In the Premier version of the programme you will have life-time access to all the teaching materials for all the modules plus all the updates as they become available, so you can go back for a refresher any time you want.

However, the programme teaches you so much more than just painting mountains, paths, trees and water. Two of the biggest bonuses with this programme are that you will also learn how to use the rules of perspective and vanishing points to create vast distances and solid, 3D objects, and then you’ll learn how to draw and paint and include figures in your paintings to add life and characters to your scenes.

At the end of each module there is a “feedback” week where you can send me some examples of your work from the module and I can send you suggestions as to how you could progress your work. With the Premier version, you can opt for a live feedback chat with me.

There will be regular Q&As, demonstrations, up-dates and special offers which will be available for the Premier package for the lifetime of their membership.

Although there is a You CAN draw and paint Facebook group which is open to the public, there is also a closed Facebook group for Premier members where you can share, inspire and be inspired by fellow Premier members, take part in live-streamed painting sessions with me; and enjoy updates and exclusive membership offers.

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