The Art of Stress-busting

Held by Angela Birchall

“The Art of Stress-Busting” is a “pick and mix” selection box of painting and drawing activities that you can delve into in any order, whenever the inspiration takes you, and without any obligation to have to complete every one of the sessions.

As its name suggests, it is designed to use art to switch off from the stresses of daily life. Art is one of the most relaxing and de-stressing activities you can take part in because it helps you move from the logical, linear left hemisphere of the brain that we spend our stress-filled days in and switches you to the creative, non-linear right hemisphere.

Working in right mode is as relaxing as it is stimulating, time can seem to stand still or fly by as you lose yourself in the creative process.

You see the world in a different light, become so much more aware of the shapes, shades and nuances of the world around you – plus you get to create your own unique works of art to enjoy for years to come.

You access The Art of Stress-busting on a monthly subscription which gives you access to lessons in watercolours, acrylics, soft pastel, oil pastel and mixed media. Every month new content is uploaded to add to your enjoyment and relaxation as it also develops your artistic skills and confidence.


Acrylics, Oil pastel, Pastel, Watercolour


Buildings, Flowers, Landscape, Landscape or Woodland Scene, Still Life

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