Vicki Gorman Art Classes

Held by Vicki Gorman

Classes are usually two hours. I have around 12-15 people per class. I usually start with a demonstration and discussion and then you can work independently through the lesson while I go round the room and help people further. We usually work on a project for three weeks, looking at a particular subject and techniques. I keep subjects varied so everyone has a chance to try new things and also paint something they love. I teach how to paint still life, landscapes, figures, animals, buildings, the list is endless and classes are always kept exciting and innovative. You can also work on your own projects to develop your own styles. You bring your own materials, but you don’t need expensive equipment to start with, you can buy materials over time so you can be independent artists at home. You also learn from each other as you can walk round the room and observe how others have approached subjects. This can be very encouraging and motivating. I love to share my passion for drawing and painting, bringing people together from all different ages and backgrounds to create art. People join the art classes for different reasons, they may have loved art at school and have always wanted to learn more, to meet new friends and learn new skills or develop their skills further to start an art business. As I say to my students, Just go for it! Once you join you may get hooked for life as you can never stop learning when producing art. The journey and process of making art is just as rewarding and fulfilling as the finished piece. I teach a variety of different media including pencils, pastels, watercolours and acrylics. I help students recognise what subjects and materials they love to work with so that they can become confident as artists with their own individual styles. The classes have a mix of abilities from beginners to advanced, and are very supportive and friendly so I am sure you will have fun and make something you are proud of. I teach all media in the lessons, and love sharing my passion for all the different effects you can create. Through my demonstrations I guide and inspire everyone to try new techniques and build their knowledge and experience of art. I help people to recognise what subjects and materials they love to work with. In each lesson a bit of magic happens when I see the artists grow in confidence and produce fantastic art. There is a great supportive energy in my classes. When people come together to produce art it creates a feeling of motivation and inspiration. This is something that is harder to get when painting at home alone.
The classes give everyone the chance to share ideas, develop their work, inspire and encourage each other. They are friendly and sociable, and people have formed great friendships through the years. We have yearly exhibitions at the Core Courtyard Gallery in Solihull where we celebrate our achievements. Many of my students have gone on to selling their art and have started their own business.

I also teach online art classes through Zoom on alternate Mondays during the afternoon and starting in the morning soon. This is a more in-depth approach where I take you through the painting project at each stage. You also receive a recording of the class so you can watch back throughout the week and work at your own pace. Even though you are at home we still all paint together so you experience the encouragement and communication with each other as a group and an artistic community.






The Core Courtyard Gallery, The Core Theatre, Homer Road, Touchwood, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 3RG
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