Beginners Watercolour Workshop

Held by Denise Schoenberg

A creative and relaxing workshop exploring all the basic techniques of pure watercolour. No previous experience necessary beginners welcome. On the first day I will outline the properties of the materials and equipment, demonstrate flat washes, graded washes and layering techniques. Colour mixing , granulation, transparency and opacity will be explained and there will be plenty of opportunity for you to practice the washes and techniques and to paint a finished painting. On the second day I will demonstrate techniques to achieve a variety of textural effects using sponges, splattering, masking fluid etc and you will be able to practice theses and use them in a finished painting. Handouts and a materials list will be provided.
You are welcome to arrive from 9.45am for tea and coffee, demonstrations will start at 10am and we finish at 4pm. Please bring your own lunch. I will provide tea, coffee and cake. There is free parking in the carpark at the rear of the Church accessible from Blinco Grove and free parking on Cavendish Avenue. The train station is a 20min walk. In previous years this has been a very successful workshop and I have included a testimonial from Jane Frances who attended the beginners workshop, I hope it gives you a good flavour of the what to expect! Janes testimonial “With no previous painting experience, I have now done two workshops and they were both wonderful. With a picture always in mind that you are aiming at, you learn about paper and paint, wet on wet, wet on dry, dry on dry, dry on wet, and about gradations from solid-looking to dreamy-looking that give close and distant, and also colours and colour mixing. Then there are other amazing things like masking, granulation use of a small sponge. You alternate between watching a demonstration, and trying it for yourself, so that your picture builds up in stages and you learn so much along the way. At the end of the workshop your blank sheet of paper has been transformed into an actual picture that looks like a proper picture, and everyones final picture is different in such interesting ways. Pre-workshop communication is excellent and Denise has it all sorted so that you can borrow or buy what you need on the day. When you arrive you find you have your own table with various things laid out ready to go, and I wonder if the calm, low-key structure throughout the day is in fact what backs you up when going into the unknown. Also all the Covid19 safety arrangements were completely reassuring and I felt safe all day”.




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St John's Church, Hills Road Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB2 8RN
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