Ways of Seeing 10 Weeks Life Drawing (Fridays)

Fridays all day 9:30-16:30. (1 hour lunch break at 12:30)
Weekly Programme:
Your Comfort Zone
The Basics: Overview
The Basics: Line
The Basics: Tone
The Basics: Shape
Mood and Message
Hands and Feet
The Head
The Male Body
The Female Body
Course brochure available at www.ericaceous.co.uk/events-news/art-courses
The ability to observe well and to draw what you see and convey meaning to others underpins all creative disciplines. This course aims to develop your observation and drawing skills through a series of practical demonstrations and hands-on tutor assisted workshops.
We will be working from the nude and clothed model. We will cover life drawing and portraiture, but also general observation of still life (objects).
We will be mainly using pencil and/or charcoal on paper. You will learn various techniques and methods of solving the challenges of drawing from observation. The course includes theory and practical demonstrations.
Whether you are new to drawing or more experienced, my hope is that this course will expand your ability to see and translate what you see onto paper in your own way.
“I highly recommend taking classes with Eric. His classes are really fantastic. I have learned so much from him and my drawing skills have improved dramatically. Eric is a most generous teacher and a talented artist, worth every penny.”
– Alison
“Fantastic commitment to teaching you how to draw. I had no previous experience at the start.”
“I am about to start my second course with Eric. I really enjoyed the first one and learnt more in three months than i have previously. The small class size means he can spend good quality time with each student and he is incredibly knowledgeable and an excellent teacher.
The general environment is fabulous, a lovely new studio and good selection of very different models to keep things challenging, all of whom were very professional.
Really looking forward to the new term starting.”
“It was such an enriching experience to move from only knowing how to draw “stick people”. Eric’s classes are small and well-structured, so whatever your level, you get lots of personal attention from a talented and inspiring teacher, learning alongside others, in a relaxed and friendly setting.”


Drawing, Pastel, Pen And Ink, Pen And Wash, Pencil/Charcoal


Portrait or Figure


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