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Claudia Nice - 02:23:00

Archives - Creating Texture in Pen & Ink with Watercolour Part 2 with Claudia Nice

The combination of the boldness of pen and ink, the subtle qualities of watercolour and the creation of texture are only as limited as your imagination.
Part 1
Follow Claudia as she expertly demonstrates a range of textural techniques such as contour lines in a smooth onion, a manor house in the background with parallel lines, jagged and smooth rocks with cross-hatching, a velvety African violet with stippling and hot chilly peppers with a scribbly line. You’ll understand the bold contrast of light against dark tones, before the entire pen and ink skills are brought together in a dramatic seascape with watercolour.
Part 2
You’ll add even more great textural techniques to your existing knowledge. You’ll learn how to create criss-cross lines for soft fur, wavy lines that imitate wood grain, how sand can be added to paint to help create rust and even how a kitchen sponge can be used to make a pebbly beach. Brush techniques are introduced, such as dancing a brush over the sky to create clouds and for a grand finale, Claudia combines all of the techniques learnt in the two videos into a beautiful painting of a soft and gentle cat. The techniques are simple, but it does take time to create texture. You’ll need plenty of practice, patience and perseverance, but the results are definitely worth it!

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