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Peter Woolley -

Archives - Drawing Towards Watercolour with Peter Woolley

Starting with the on location sketch, Peter Woolley takes you to The Roaches, where he draws two scenes. He explains how to sketch simply, as it is all about positioning things, sizing things up, and working out where the shapes and tones are. In the studio Peter takes the two on location sketches and shows you how to turn them into beautiful watercolour paintings.

He starts by demonstrating the creation of a “studio sketch”, which takes the location sketch one step further. He also shows you how to draw with the brush, create stunning wet-in-wet skies, how and where to paint light and darks to show depth, and even how to go straight into a painting without worrying about drawing it first.

By the end of this video you’ll know that a painting is a composition – you just need to know how to engineer lines, shapes, colours and tones to make the best of your subject.

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