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Linda Kemp - 01:28:00

Archives - Painting Outside the Lines: A Positive Approach to Negative Painting with Linda Kemp

Linda Kemp is extensively recognised for her unique contemporary watercolours and innovative use of negative space and glazing. Linda’s inspiration comes from nature’s illusive splendour and the fascinating effects of light.
This extraordinary dvd is a fully comprehensive guide to negative painting. Negative painting is an intriguing, alternative approach in which the subject is created by painting around the object rather than by painting the object itself. Using this innovative method, artists can create striking and alluring works of art of a broad variety of subject matter. Working in the negative isn’t hard to master, it’s a simple shift in the way you see! Learn the techniques used by Linda in this informative and friendly dvd, whether you are a beginner or an accomplisshed artist wanting to learn something new.

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