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Arnold Lowrey - 01:00:00

Archives - Painting with Acrylics with Arnold Lowrey

Acrylics are incredibly versatile; they can be used straight from the tube, like oils, or diluted with water to use for watercolour techniques. Unlike watercolour they become water resistant when dry, enabling you to apply further colours without disturbing the colours beneath and they dry closer to the desired colour. They are also suitable for use on all non-greasy surfaces.
In this video Arnold teaches you how to develop your acrylic painting skills, he introduces you to the various ways this versatile medium can be used to create different effects, including the use of washes, modelling pastes, glazes, knives, blades and even fingers! Through demonstrations of a seascape and landscape, Arnold shows you how easy it is to include texture, highlights, reflection and shadows within your paintings and to change the atmosphere by using glazes of translucent colour. He also shows you just how straightforward it is to rectify any mistakes by simply painting them out. With his friendly approach, Arnold will inspire you, whether you are a beginner or simply rediscovering acrylics!

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