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Becky Gouverneur -

Levelling Up - Cat's Eye in Charcoal and Tinted Charcoal with Becky Gouverneur

Join Becky Gouverneur as she works with Derwent XL block range to create a detailed Cat’s eye on a larger than usual scale.

“The Derwent Charcoal XL Blocks are not for those wanting to do fiddly small details but that doesn’t mean they cannot produce some amazingly realistic results. That’s why I chose to create this piece on A3 paper and zoom right in on my subject. The advantages of these blocks are that the size of them and textures they create allow you to start the drawing with a loose and sketchy style and slowly refine it as the drawing progresses.”


You can also follow along with the Levelling Up article on page 48 of the November ’23 paint & create magazine.

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