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Alison C Board - 2:01:06

Levelling Up - Garden Birds in Mixed Media with Alison C Board

Step into the mixed media world with Alison C Board’s new Levelling Up video, painting Garden Birds. Embark on a journey through three distinct stages, each unveiling the artistic process behind capturing the essence of these feathered beauties. In the first stage, Alison expertly guides you through painting a charismatic robin, showcasing the intricate details that make this bird a cherished sight. Move on to the second stage, where you’ll explore the vibrant colours of a great tit, as Alison shares her techniques for blending watercolour and pen to bring this small marvel to life. Finally, in the third stage, let your creativity soar as you learn to bring an elegant thrush to life, its form emerging gracefully under Alison’s expert instruction.

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