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Anita Pounder -

Levelling Up - Perfecting Portraits in Acrylic with Anita Pounder

Anita Pounder is using Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic to paint a portrait and in this tutorial, she dedicates a whole section to perfecting skin tones. The video tutorial is divided into three stages, each focusing on a different aspect of the painting process.

The first stage is all about getting the image down. Anita demonstrates various methods for transferring your image from a photo to paper. If you are confident in your drawing skills, you can sketch the outline of your photo freehand using a grid to help with the transfer. Alternatively, Anita shows how easy it is to use Tracedown paper for the transfer.

Mixing skin tones can be a challenging task, which is why in the second stage of this Levelling Up project, Anita takes the time to show you how to mix different skin tones. This stage is all about putting color on paper, from building your skin tones to filling in the details.

The final stage of the demonstration focuses on adding the finishing touches and finer details to elevate your image to the next level. Throughout the tutorial, Anita offers helpful tips and techniques for creating a portrait using Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic and achieving lifelike skin tones.

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