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Rebecca de Mendonça -

Low Tide by Rebecca de Mendonça - Pastel Tutorial

Rebecca de Mendonça shows how you can use soft pastels to create the beautiful light and atmosphere of a calm beach at low tide.

Rebecca will be using Unison Colour soft pastels on Canson Mi Tientes paper, although you don’t need the exact pastels and surface that she is using.

There is a colour chart so that you can choose similar pastel colours from what you have, and see where you might have gaps in your collection

This project will work much better with good quality pastels, such as Unison Colour, and could work on any mid-tone neutral-coloured pastel surface.

Rebecca will show you several different ways to create a sense of distance, including using;

  • Tonal contrasts
  • Perspective
  • Warm and cool colours
  • And a variety of mark-making techniques




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