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Anita Pounder - 1:14:36

Radish Bowl using Rosa Watercolour Pans with Anita Pounder

SAA artist Anita Pounder will guide you through the creation of a painting of a bowl of vibrant radishes. She will showcase her remarkable watercolour talents by painting a bowl of luscious red radishes using the new Rosa watercolour paints. Watch as she effortlessly captures the intricate details and vibrant shades of these humble vegetables. Using expert guidance of Anita and extraordinary qualities of Rosa watercolours, you’ll learn to infuse your own creations with a new level of brilliance and realism.

Help support Ukraine in its time of need. 10% of all Rosa sales will be donated to Caritas-Volyn, a Ukrainian charity working to meet the needs of people affected by the current conflict in Ukraine. From hot meals and drinking water to evacuation assistance, the charity is working on the ground in some of the most dangerous places to bring relief and support to many vulnerable people.

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