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Rebecca De Mendonca - 29:16

Rebecca De Mendonca A Walk through the Landscape using Unison Pastels Part 1

It can be confusing knowing which pastels to use. There are hundreds of colours to choose from, so which ones do we buy? And if we already have a collection, which ones do we use for each painting?

In this series, Rebecca will show you how you can base your landscape work around a small collection, and add to it gradually when you need something extra. You don’t need a huge collection, you can just start with a small set, and a few additions. We will never have the exact colour that we need, but with careful choices and mixing, we can achieve an amazing variety of work. Rebecca will start with the Unison Colour Small Landscape Set of 8 colours, and demonstrate with a series of pastel sketches, how she chooses a few colours for each sketch, to add to this basic palette. Each sketch demo will be full of tips and techniques for painting landscapes with pastels.

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