Benfleet Art & Crafts Club

Benfleet Art & Crafts Club

Benfleet Art and Craft Club.
We are an enthusiastic group of individuals who meet at a local church hall to share our interest in art.
Currently, 18 members meet on a Friday afternoon 1.00pm - 3.30pm.
We are having our 70 th anniversary this year. Take a look at some old pictures in the gallery.
We are 70 years old this year (2015) and still going strong. New members are welcome, just come along to the hall on a Friday. Any level of skill, media or craft. As for Terry or Keith


Acrylics, Coloured pencils, Digital Art, Drawing, Mixed Media, Oil, Oil pastel, Pastel, Pen And Ink, Pen And Wash, Pencil/Charcoal, Water soluble pastels, Watercolour, Watercolour Pencil


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