SAA Art Club Hub

Welcome to the new exciting hub page for SAA Affiliated Art Clubs! This page is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your membership. We’ve dedicated this area of our website to equip you with the tools you need to come together as an art club, be inspired and paint along collectively, wherever you are!

You can share this page with everyone at the art club and you will be able to access all of the videos here to help hone your skills as artists.

This page will be updated regularly with new themes and videos so don’t worry if there isn’t something for you right now, there’s more to come!

Video inspiration for all

We’ve themed this month on ‘Animals’.
You can paint along together during your club time or can watch at home as individual club members.

Catch up with Becky Gouverneur!

Click the image below to join Becky as she walks you through this amazing charcoal drawing.

Even more inspiration!

With the SAA, you’ve got a world of inspiration at your fingertips – here are a couple of tuitional guides we think you might enjoy.

This months videos have been carefully selected to inspire and help with technique.

How to watch a video

  1. Hover over any of the videos below and click on the play icon that appears
  2. To watch in full screen, click the icon that appears in the bottom right hand corner of the video image (see image to the right)

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Becky Gouverneur - Peekaboo in Charcoal

Becky Gouverneur is a highly accomplished professional artist and qualified art teacher with a background in studio photography. She now specialises in intricate drawing work resulting in dramatic images full of life. Join her as you enter the world of charcoal and learn how to create a detailed portrait of this beautiful ‘Peekaboo’ rabbit.

Scarlet Macaw using Unison Pastels with Anita Pounder

When the days are getting darker and greyer, then a pop of bright colour enhances the mood. This sassy scarlet macaw is the inspiration for this pastel painting using the delicious Unison handmade soft pastels on the velvety Velour pastel surface.

Tuition - Colin Bradley - Kitten Portrait in Pastel Pencil

Watch Colin create a beautiful fluffy Kitten in Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils. Colin will teach you the realism and depth in creating fur. He will also explain key features such as eyes, nose and highlights.

You can watch and paint along with this video and also read our very descriptive article with a step by step guide on creating this kitty.

SAA Live - Vic Bearcroft Demonstration - Ella the Husky in Pastel

Vic Bearcroft is known for his incredible fur and animal hair textures and techniques. Vic will give you all the creative tools you need to paint this gorgeous Husky in pastel. Vic uses only 5 pastels to create this masterpiece, so it’s a fantastic lesson in how to get the most out of just a few materials.

Swallow in Pastel with Carol Kibble

Join Carol Kibble in an exclusive video where she will teach you her unique pastel techniques while painting a beautiful little Swallow.



SAA Live - Demonstration with Alison C Board - Tiger in Mixed Media

Having discovered this technique a couple of years ago, Ali continues to experiment with layering gouache and pastel together. In this project she explores using the two media to evoke the atmosphere needed for this loose animal portrait.

Exclusive - Tabby Cat in Pastel with Catherine Inglis

Discover the endless possibilities of pastel with the help of the talented Catherine Inglis.  Join Catherine as she create this stunning and charming portrait of a tabby cat – meow!