Inspiration for all!

We’re very aware that many of you will be wondering how you’re going to fill the coming days and weeks as we all adjust to this new temporary reality…well, rest assured, the SAA team are on the case!

We’re going to be filling this page with creative ideas, exciting projects and artistic togetherness – and it be available for everyone in our community to access!

With the SAA, you’ve got a world of inspiration at your fingertips – here are a few videos we think you might enjoy.

Catch up with Alison C. Board!

Click the image below to watch her fantastic Reservoir Ducks tutorial.

How to watch a video

  1. Hover over any of the videos below and click on the play icon that appears
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Busy Bee

Watch Anita paint a busy bee on a Strathmore pad that’s perfect for mixed media.

Fish in Brusho

Watch Anita Pounder work wonders with Brusho as she creates a stunning fish in this versatile medium.

Getting Started with Mandala Art

Join Helen Tucker and create a beautiful mandala.  The gentle repetitive nature of adding colour is a perfect mindfulness activity.

Gliding Gannets in Watercolour

Watch Anita Pounder (the SAA’s In-House artist) as she experiments with four fantastic new colours from Rembrandt.

Street Portrait in Watercolours

Watercolour wizard, Eudes Correia, captures the vibrant personality of this street performer perfectly – all using masterful watercolour techniques.

Chinese Lanterns

Anita experiments with System 3 Acrylic Inks to create this stunning painting of Chinese Lanterns.

Winterton Lighthouse

Keep it simple and paint Winterton Lighthouse using just one colour, one brush and easy to follow step-by-step stages.

A Simple Lemon

Inspiration can be anywhere!  Watch Anita Pounder as she creates this simple painting using wax resist and watercolour

Last Lookout in Watercolours

Join watercolour maestro, David Poxon, as he paints this marvellous masterpiece.  We’re sure you’ll be inspired!

Italian Sunset in Watercolours

The fantastic Janine Gallizia takes you through the steps to create her wonderful Italian Sunset in watercolour – it transport you there in no time!

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Get involved with our painting challenges!

If you fancy trying something new, or you’ve got artwork you’re proud of, then it’s the perfect chance to share your creative flair by entering one of our challenges.