Anne Courtine


I was born into a family of artists, close Paris. Art class with my father and my uncle.
Plastic arts baccalaureate in 1987
Work with children, socio-cultural sector until 2003. Some exhibitions.
I devoted myself completely to art in 2003.
Several techniques: colored pencils, ecolines, dry pastels, watercolor, media mix, collages,
Multiple themes that evolve over time: colocynths, portraits, Breton and international heritage, marbles, fruits, light, abstract.
2005/2007 complete series devoted to the safeguard of the planet. I exhibit in town halls and schools, in partnership with the Maison de l'environnement en Seine et Marne.
I also realize several books for young people (but without publication, except a perfect plagiarism at "Nathan")

In 2011, I moved to Brittany
Real boom for my artistic career. meeting of the writer, historian and journalist Bernard Rio.
Discovery of the wealth of Breton heritage.
From 2012, I present my paintings in various Pastellist Salons, across France.
Several awards, including the excellent artisanal French pastels Girault.

In 2015 I joined the Société des Pastellistes de France.
In 2017 I meet my new companion, an English artist. From this union, my creative and professional universe flourished considerably.
I work again in different mediums, watercolor, acrylic, graphite, and enrich my subjects in International Heritage, but also in the abstract, as well as more spiritual notions.
From 2018, I exhibit more and more outside of France: Italy, Moscow, USA, England, Canada.

In 2019 : 30 illustrations for Bernard Rio's book, “1200 places of legends in Brittany”, coop Breizh edition.
In 2020, I am illustrating Mr Risser's tale, "The Fairy of Westerbork," Childhood of the Trees edition.
In 2021, I get a scholarship from the ADAGP (Association of Professional Graphic Copyrights), to edit my first monograph, scheduled for release in 2022.
I open my workshop-exhibition at my place of residence, in Brittany.
Today, I live, work and exhibit between the small and the great Britain.

All my "Fruits" at Barewall Galery , Burslem, Stoke on Trent (

I want to highlight the Heritage, rich in its History, its Arts, that which Men and Women have taken care to carry at arm's length: sculptors, cabinetmakers, painters, architects ... All have contributed to creating majestic monuments, whose symbolism goes beyond simple aesthetics.
I work on other themes: irises, marbles, and clothes from Celtic circles. My common thread is the work of the material, with the aim of creating a story between the work and the viewer. I want, through my paintings, to highlight the beauty of our heritage, and allow lovers of history to maintain the memory of our common memories, during vacations and travels.



Favoured Products & Brands

Pastel Card, Dry Pastel Girault, Schmincke, Sennelier,Ludwig. Watercolour Winsor & Newton....


1 ) Pastels Girault 2012 (Twice, Box 150 pastels)

Salons Internationaux Pastels Fougères et Le Chesnay (France)

2 ) Terry Ludwig,Dark 2

Salon International Région Parisienne 2015

3) 1er Prix Salon International de Flers (France) 2017

4 ) 1er prix Salon Saint Agne (France) 2019