Fiona Carvell

Consett, Durham

Fiona became a full time Artist in 2015. She now works with Northumberland based Unison Colour as an Associate Artist, working almost exclusively with their handmade pastels to create her artwork. She became a member of The Pastel Guild of Europe in 2019, which recognises achievement and progression in the field and was elected a Signature member of The Pastel Society of America in 2022.
Fiona is also an Associate member of The Society of Graphic Fine Art / Drawing Society.

Fiona exhibits her work regularly and has been honoured to have her work included in the annual exhibition of The Pastel Society at The Mall Galleries, London each year between 2020-2024.

Artist Satement:
'Pastel is my medium of choice because of it’s flexibility of application, which enables a process that lies somewhere between drawing and painting. I relish the physical, direct connection between myself and the pigment, the process of discovery and endless possibilities that creating brings. I will tackle any subject matter that I find engaging, but it is in Still Life that I perhaps experience the deepest connection.
I strive to challenge myself in developing interpretive work which is responsive and emotive; the process can be a real struggle and not without a degree of anxiety. It is a drive to learn and develop as an Artist however, that pushes me forward.
I like to draw directly from life and will spend a long time arranging objects, sometimes lighting them, before I draw anything. I have a strong sense of composition and arrangement which is evident in the very physical process of setting up a Still Life work. This approach stems from my background in moving image design and working with lighting directors. Someone once observed that a lot of my work has a sense of theatre or drama about it, which I think perhaps is true.
I approach different subjects in ways I feel that are suitable to the nuances of an idea; some works are very meticulous in execution, others come to life more spontaneously.
All have common threads of mark making, life and colour. '
Fiona Carvell PSA ASGFA

Fiona's online Pastel Tuition has grown since 2020 and she now has followers from all over the world.

Her work is currently represented with Saltbox Gallery, Helmsley in Yorkshire, Number Four Gallery at St.Abbs, Solo Gallery at Innerleithen and Gallery 45 in Felton, Northumberland as well as Vandlys Galleries in Exeter, Devon.




Landscapes, Seascape, Still Life

Favoured Products & Brands

Unison Colour Soft Pastels


Awards include the Royal Talens/ Rembrandt Award 2020 and The Artist Magazine Award 2023 both from the Pastel Society UK.

Advancement of Pastel in Modernism Award from the Pastel Society of America in 2021.