Gay Forster

West Sussex

Gay Forster
I paint using watercolour, acrylic and gouache, my subjects are mainly the sea, beaches, boats, figurative, portraits, animals, abstract and semi abstract. I love the sea and have always lived close to it. My father owned a Boatyard in Crosshaven, Southern Ireland when I was young and undertook a lot of boat salvage, I still have many memories of being taken out to watch some of the salvage work in all weathers and heavy seas. We lived in a house called Thunder Rock which was built virtually on the beach which was amazing, although I was too young to fully appreciate it at the time. I am now retired from the Hospitality business and am still lucky enough to live very near the sea in West Sussex so have constant material and variable weather conditions available for me to paint. I like my paintings to tell a story, my work is mainly semii-abstract and often a little humour doesn't go amiss, they are all one off’s,
each piece is unique and stands alone. I get my inspiration from something I have seen, a place I have visited, or a photograph or article I have read that stirs up an idea or vision, then the imagination takes over and anything could happen. My work is is varied and I hope interesting and a bit different. I occasionally do pet portraits and small character painting commissions, please look at my work and contact me for further details, thank you


Acrylics, Watercolour


Abstract, Animal or Wildlife, Portrait or Figure, Waterscene; Boats or Seascape

Favoured Products & Brands

W&N and Golden


I have been featured on the front cover of Paint, and have won a few awards over the years. I have currently had my painting Honfleur accepted for the Patchings open Art Exhibition 2019 through Leisure Painting.

My painting Gulls Nest reached final judging stage in Artist of the Year 2019 out of 3000 entries