Kathrine Macleod

Epping, Essex

I qualified as a so called artist in the early 80's but didn't have the confidence to market my own work and therefore didnt work on my own paintings. Instead worked with young people who I could pass my skills on to, I've now been doing this for 20 years or so. some years ago I started teaching adults which i'm enjoying. I like to motivate people to draw and paint and would encourage anyone who hasn't tried it before to do so immedaitely. I've now become a professional Artist and sell work regularly. I'm also teaching every week to around 60 students in different media (watercolour, oil,pastels and acrylics/inks) With this much teaching I' now able to concentrate on my art alot more. Hopefully this will mean that I'll be able to produce more of the paintings I enjoy and I hope you will too! I also hope to one day have my own studio were all my students and anyone else out there can come when they need space to practice their art!