Nigel Wood

Lenham, Kent

I am a practicing Artist who enjoys sharing what I have learnt with others.
I teach students of all abilities to see their potential and get as much enjoyment from their art as they can.
Having fun and sharing is what makes the sessions a great opportunity to learn in a non threatening or judgemental environment.
I have been an artist and designer all of my working life and can say that it is wonderful to be able to do something you enjoy every day.
I learn new and different things all of the time and can say, I have no preferred media or style of making art.


Acrylics, Digital Art, Mixed Media, Pastel Pencil, Pen And Ink

Favoured Products & Brands

Winsor Newton, Georgian, Daler - Rowney,


I have been fortunate to be awarded a number of Art awards, but do not keep tally of what, when or where.