Peter Kavanagh

Sheringham, Norfolk

Peter has been drawing and painting all his life, through school and art college and now as an artist, illustrator and tutor. He has illustrated over 150 children's books and had ten published as an author. He teaches privately and for Adult Education and runs life drawing classes. He is happy to run hen party life drawing classes and is the ideal artist / model for such a hen activity. He exhibits his work online and at galleries across Norfolk.As an artist he is drawn to the human form and its expression of life. His work in line, charcoal, watercolour and oil challenges the standpoints of prudery and pornography and presents the naked body without shame. If the viewer can allow themselves to get beyond the usual knee-jerk reaction to nudity, they will discover beauty in his timeless images. Light moving across the endlessly changing contours and profiles of the living figure provides him with constant inspiration. Life and movement are other qualities he tries to capture in his work. It is difficult for models to keep a sense of vigour in poses of any length so the artist has to work quickly. Our ability to read body language means that we perceive messages in the slightest renderings of the human figure. These subtle expressions of personality are just as important in his drawings as details of form or correctness of proportion.The act of drawing is very important. The process of looking, seeing and making marks on paper is like a primitive therapy. To draw people from life requires the putting aside of many preconceptions and taboos. It is a process of gradually freeing the mind from personal restrictions and allowing oneself to indulge in the pleasure of looking at the most beautiful form in Nature.
Learn to draw in life drawing art classes. 
Do you wish you could draw? Do you wish you could pick up a pencil and capture your children, your dog or a favourite tree with just a few simple lines? Why can't you? Is it because you've got no talent? No magic gift? Or maybe it's just that you've never been taught properly. 
Learning to draw is easier than learning to read or write. There are things you need to know, methods to understand and exercises to practice but most people learn to draw quite rapidly. Peter Kavanagh runs life drawing art classes in North Norfolk and teaches people how to draw. Life drawing is the most efficient and pleasurable way to learn about drawing. It makes a great activity for hen parties!
If you practice drawing by sketching a still life, say of fruit or flowers and your drawing is only 50% accurate you'll think you've done very well. When drawing a body however you can be 90% accurate and think you're a lost cause! This is because we are people experts and see instantly when things are not quite right. This drives us on to strive for greater accuracy in our observations, which leads to better drawing. 
Life drawing puts us up against another major obstacle that thwarts our ability to draw ~ our preconceptions. We need to draw what we see and not what we think we see. As people experts we carry plenty of ideas in our heads as to what people look like. Drawing becomes much easier when you learn to ignore these preconceptions and trust your eyes. 
What sort of things do we learn in the life drawing art class? The most important is how to look. This is also the most difficult skill to acquire and takes constant practice. Surprised? Consider this. You can already scribble about freely with a pencil and write complex letter forms carefully and clearly. So you're not going to learn how to handle the pencil any better. 
What you need to know is how to see what's in front of you in such a way that you can then make marks about it. This is a different way of looking at things compared to how you're looking around right now. So you can see a chair, a window and someone across the way. You understand what you see but you can't draw it from that understanding. Instead you need to see the lines and shapes that convey chair, window and person. Those lines and shapes you will be able to draw. 
To learn how to see like this requires slowing down and taking a long, detailed look at what you want to draw. Gradually you'll learn not rely on the instant understanding of the brain but to trust your eyes and to give them time to collect the necessary information. This new looking skill will change your view of the world! 
Life drawing is perfect for learning this skill. It challenges the preconceptions our brains have about how a body should be. It also teaches us to enjoy the beauty of the naked human body without shame, worry or taboo. This gives us inspiration and motivation to work hard at our drawing! 
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