Stephen Leigh

A Kent-based artist creating portraits and figurative work in pastels & mixed media, Stephen's work celebrates the human condition, featuring faces that suggest stories of love & loss, hopes & fears, victories & defeats.

An inveterate people-watcher, his work celebrates the human condition, depicting faces that suggest stories of love & life, hopes & fears, victories & defeats. Rather than capturing a moment in time, he strives to tap into the lifetime that led up to it - or that is yet to come.

Late to the party, and largely self-taught, he works in pastels, pencil & mixed media from his home in Kent.

Collections include the “Bijin Girl” series based on the genre of woodblock print that emphasizes the (inner) beauty of women, “Double Portrait” series in monochrome & colour that describes a couple's desire to look forward together post-trauma, and “Hope” a tryptic that tracks the artists decline into, & recovery from, cancer.


Drawing, Mixed Media, Pastel, Pastel Pencil


Portrait or Figure