Artists Photo, You Paint It - Winter

Closing date: 01/03/2024

“I sometimes wonder if my DNA would reveal that I am actually part pirate and part magpie, with a little bit of meerkat thrown in for good measure! The reason is that I’m always on the lookout – not necessarily in fear of being swooped upon by a large eagle, but because I’m always on the lookout for treasure!
A feather, a pebble, a beautiful leaf and even, on occasion, a piece of old string (one man’s treasure is perhaps another man’s shoelace)! Each one gives me a thrill upon discovery and brings a smile to my face when I rediscover it in the bottom of my handbag six weeks later.
Dotted around my studio are lots of these tiny treasures, sitting in pots, bottles and jam jars (I collect those, too!). “

Why don’t you have a go at drawing or painting this yourself? Tracey’s step-by-step for her Pheasant feather painting can be found on page 64 of the Winter edition of Paint & Create. You can use any medium you wish and share your creations with us for a chance for it to be published in the spring issue. Upload your finished creations by 1st March.

You can download Tracey’s Pheasant Feather here.


To feature in the spring issue of paint & create magazine


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Artists Photo, You Paint It - Winter

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