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Check out the calendar below for all our forthcoming live streams and make a note in your diary to tune in! Enjoy all the latest tutorials, reviews and step-by-step projects from a host of your favourite artists, all filmed live at SAA HQ.

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January 1970

Live with Alison C Board – Schmincke Super – Granulating Colours

Join Alison for a guided tour through the amazing world of super-granulating watercolours!

Alison will show you how the granulation effect is intensified thanks to the carefully crafted pig…

Live with Anita – African Painted Dog in Watercolour

Join Anita as she uses just 3 watercolours colours to paint this beautiful endangered African Painted dog.

Tuition – Galloping Horses In Schmincke Liquid Charcoal With Anita Pounder

Using this new and exciting medium Schimincke Liquid Charcoal, to portray the energetic movement and form of a trio of running horses

Live with Anita – Unique Gel printed gift in Printing Ink

It is a beautiful thing to receive a handmade gift from someone. Gel printing is a fun and  creative way of making a one off unique image,  which looks perfect in a frame. The perfect gift of some…

Tuiton – Great Tit using Linocut Print with Anita Pounder

Using the easy to carve Softcut printing blocks to print a bold image of a Great tit

Live with Anita – Recycling Collage in Spray Paint and Acrylic

Give old paint tubes, brushes and art materials a new lease of life by recycling these into a new art project

Live with Anita – Fixing and Varnishing Watercolours

Testing a variety of products to see how well they protect a watercolour paint on watercolour paper with some interesting and pleasantly surprising results

Alison C Board – Live stream test

A test live stream from Alison C Board

Matthew Palmer – Live stream test

A test live stream with Matthew Palmer

Live with Anita Pounder – Black Cat in Brusho and with Pen Spray Bottles

Join SAA In-house Artist Anita Pounder LIVE from SAA HQ. Today, Anita will be showing you a new range of Pen Spray Bottles and using the ever popular Brusho. Watch as Anita introduces these versat…