Live Video Schedule

Check out the calendar below for all our forthcoming live streams and make a note in your diary to tune in! Enjoy all the latest tutorials, reviews and step-by-step projects from a host of your favourite artists, all filmed live at SAA HQ.

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January 2020

SAA Live – Jeremy Ford Workshop – Winter Snow Scene in Watercolour
23rd January - 10:30

Explore a winter wonderland with Jeremy Ford, and create this evocative, snowy scene, complete with a brave cyclist making his way through the landscape. With Jeremy’s guidance and clear dem…

Live with Anita Pounder – Manatee in Watercolour
28th January - 11:00

Join SAA In-House Artist, Anita Pounder, this morning as she creates this gorgeous painting of a manatee.  In this tutorial, Anita will show you how to use watercolour paint and watercolour ground…

SAA Live – Jantien Powell Workshop – Crazy Cow in Acrylic Ink
31st January - 10:30

Push the boundaries of colour with Acrylic artist, Jantien Powell and discover how a cow isn’t just black and white, but all the colours of the rainbow! This beautiful bovine subject will op…

February 2020

SAA Live – Matthew Palmer Workshop – Winter Squirrel in Watercolour
06th February - 10:30

Join watercolour expert Matthew Palmer for a journey into a winter woodland to capture this characterful squirrel perched on a tree. With Matthew’s guidance and easy-to-follow instruction, y…

SAA Live – Geoff Kersey Workshop – Black Rock Cottage in Watercolour
12th February - 10:30

Join watercolour expert, Geoff Kersey for an atmospheric, wintery landscape featuring ‘Black Rock Cottage’ situated in Glencoe. The snow capped hills and moorland foliage give this cha…

Live with Anita Pounder – Lovebirds in Atelier Interactive
14th February - 11:00

Join SAA In-House Artist, Anita Pounder, this morning as she paints a pair of lovebirds celebrate Valentines Day.  In this tutorial, Anita will show you how to use Alterlier Interactive on canvas …

SAA Live – Mo Teeuw Workshop – Bridge Scene in Oils
19th February - 10:30

Oils are the perfect medium to create atmosphere and immediacy, and this is just what oils expert Mo Teeuw will show you in her workshop. This sunlit bridge scene with its elegant arches and shady…

Live with Anita Pounder – Still life in White Nights – Set of 9 New Pastel Shades
21st February - 11:00

Join Anita Pounder as she experitements with a new White Nights – Set of 9 New Pastel Shades tubes.

Live with Anita Pounder – Sitting Frog in Cobra Watermixable Oils
25th February - 11:00

Anita will be using Cobra Watermixable Oils of a sitting frog to celebrate the leap year.

SAA Live – Cath Inglis Workshop – Otter in Pastel
27th February - 10:30

This striking otter portrait in pastel with renowned artist, Cath Inglis, will open your eyes to creating texture, character and delicate details in this expressive medium. You’ll learn how …