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21st March 2021 Estimated reading time: 2 mins

The following file gives you an exhaustive understanding of all 35 colours in the PrimaTek range of Daniel Smith Watercolour Paints. It provides information on the mineral used for each colour, the story of its origins, a paint swatch of the final colour, the pigment itself and even where it is mined.

Click here to download – WTC_Primatek_1115


This is how Daniel Smith makes paint! An incredibly interesting read taking you step-by-step from sourcing and acquiring the minerals necessary for the beautifully luminescent paint, through the production of the pigment from these minerals and all the way to the finished tube of Daniel Smith Watercolour you know and love. It’s quite a journey from start to finish, which solidifies why Daniel Smith is such a widely renowned manufacturer of paint.

Click here to download – HowWeMakePaint


John Cogley, the owner of Daniel Smith, believes that one of the most important tools a watercolourist can have is knowing how to read a colour chart. This allows you to know which colours you’re going to use and why you’re going to use them in your paintings. This comprehensive colour chart allows you to make informed choices when choosing your colours – whether you’re looking at colours for their granulation, transparency or permanency, you can find all the information here:

Click here to download – 252DSWatercolorChart

Having heard from John about the fascinating way Daniel Smith Watercolours are made we know you’ll be eager to get stuck in, so explore the full range of paints by clicking the button below:

The Daniel Smith range offers hundreds of different shades of watercolours, each one carefully created using over 30 years of experience and expertise.
The selection spans the spectrum from the historical, to natural-earth and PrimaTek colours, and on to Quinacridones – the brightest and boldest colours modern technology has to offer.

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