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Various Artists - 01:00:00

Archives - Hints and Tips - Landscapes

A host of leading teaching artists reveal some of their best tips, hints and techniques to help you develop as a landscape artist using watercolour:
* Watch Margaret Evans apply correction fluid to her pen and wash, adding dramatic highlights to a painting.
* Allow Keith Fenwick to demonstrate how to use a knife and masking fluid in your painting, allowing extra dimensions to your picture.
* Observe as Ray Campbell-Smith applies a basic wash, the beginning of any good painting.
* Use a sharpened stick as a tool in your watercolour with Ian King, and find out how best to use photography in your art.
* Let Frank Halliday reveal his techniques with masking tape.
* Learn how to paint trees and water with Terry Harrison, a well-known and inspiring artist.
* Shape out boats with the enthusiastic Ben Manchipp.
* Watch Joe Dowden explore the splattering technique to great effect.
* Use the spotlight effect as demonstrated by Paul-Talbot Greaves, creating a great focal point.
* Create texture through the use of a razor blade with Arnold Lowrey
* Embark on reflections in water with the charismatic Geoff Kersey

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