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Alison C. Board -

SAA Live - Alison C. Board Watercolour Mixed Media Workshop

Alison C. Board joined us for a live watercolour mixed media painting workshop and helped fellow artists break out of the rigid structure of painting within the lines to guide them into creating experimental mixed media artwork.

The experimental watercolour mixed media workshop was designed to cater to all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned artists. Whether participants were dabbling in watercolour for the first time or refining their techniques, Alison provided personalised guidance to ensure they crafted paintings that reflected their unique styles.

Participants engaged with Alison in real time and took advantage of the opportunity to ask her their burning technical questions as they painted from the comfort of their own homes with our chat facility. The workshop unfolded over two distinct sessions, commencing at 10:30 am, allowing participants to delve into the creative process with focused attention and deliberate pace.

To facilitate the learning experience, regular breaks were scheduled, allowing participants to carefully dry their paintings before adding new layers of vibrant colours. This thoughtful arrangement ensured that participants had ample time to refine their masterpieces without feeling rushed.

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