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Alison C. Board - 19:53

Tuition - Brusho Bites - Birds Through The Seasons: Waxwing with Alison C. Board

Discover how to create some beautiful Brusho and watercolour sketches, covering a variety of themes and subjects with Alison C. Board and Brusho Bites!

‘Birds Through the Seasons’ contains four 20-minute projects: Goldfinch, Blackbird, Red Kite and Waxwing. In this part, see how you can use Brusho to create atmosphere and bold explosions of colour in a Waxwing portrait.

Together, the sketches will show you how to get the best of a range of mediums and techniques, from Brusho and Watercolour, to using masking fluid, wax resist sticks, and pastel.

With Alison’s encouraging and inspiring guidance, Brusho will never be the same again!

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