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How to Prepare Your Artwork for Hanging

19th August 2021 Estimated reading time: 2 mins

All work must to be ready to be hung in the AOY exhibition, these can be framed or unframed depending on what works for the piece.

The artwork should be ready for hanging, preferably with a wire attached to the frame using either metal plates or D-rings, between one-third and one-quarter of the way down the sides of the piece. D rings are a good choice as they allow a painting to lay flush to the wall.

Framing a painting:
• Choose a frame which will complement the artwork. This will make the viewer look at the painting and not be distracted by the frame.
• The frame is used to add value to the artwork and protect the artwork, so avoid cheap clip frame if possible. A simple balanced frame will enhance any artwork.
• A neutral mount is preferred so it does not overwhelm the colours in the artwork. Antique white or cream coloured mounts are usually a good choice, but see what works best with your artwork.
• Traditionally there would be a glass within your frame to cover your painting, although you may also see options for Acrylic, which although shatterproof can be scratched much more easily.
• A canvas may be hung ‘as is’ but some may choose to surround the artwork with molding (the frame itself)
• Ensure any labelling is attached to the work. and in some cases, indicate which way up the painting needs to be hung, if it may be unclear.

Shipping a painting
• It is important to fully protect your artwork when shipping. Or if possible, drop off in person to the requested venue.
• If shipping artwork in a frame with glass, you can put masking tape across the glass in order to stop the pieces of glass shattering and becoming a danger if the glass is broken in transit
• A thick piece of cardboard should also be placed over the glass or front of the artwork for additional protection
• Protect the corners of your frame or artwork with cardboard or dedicated plastic corner protectors and make sure the back or the artwork is fully protected
• If you are sending an unframed box canvas use cardboard and bubble wrap to pack the void at the back of a canvas to help protect the canvas from damage.
• Use Plenty of bubble wrap (approximately 5cm thick ) all the way around the artwork.
• A good sturdy box and plenty more packaging to prevent the artwork moving around in transit.
• Ensure the package is clearly labelled with the delivery address and senders’ details
• Double check that you have included all the relevant and required paperwork and labels with the artwork

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