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How to Price Your Artwork: Interview with Alison C. Board and Su Melville, founder of Costing for Creatives

16th May 2021 Estimated reading time: 3 mins

Hey there everyone, how has your week been and are you having a lovely relaxing Sunday? As you read this I will be conducting one of my All A-Board Artists session or getting to the huge job of labelling my work ahead of the hanging next week… more about labelling and presentation in tomorrow’s blog.

One question I get asked a huge amount is how I go about pricing my work and it’s probably one of the hardest aspects of exhibiting that an artist encounters. I didn’t want to avoid the opportunity of helping you out with it and rather than you hear it only from my perspective, I thought it would be interesting to hear from someone who has a great deal of experience in this field. The team at The SAA put me in touch with artist Su Melville, a very talented artist with a background in accountancy and having met up with Su ahead of DAW, I thought she came across very professionally so rather than you having to read about our thoughts on pricing, it might be more fun to see us chatting together.

The video below is just under 40 minutes long, full of what I hope is useful information so pour yourself a cuppa and see if what we say is helpful.

I’m sure that there may be some of you out there that are thinking the things we chatted about might only apply to professionals but I disagree, as Su says, it’s about understanding your worth. If you’re not sure, ask honest friends to help you, not necessarily with the pricing, but to help you with where you fit in the art world as there is a place for everyone.

I want to give Su a huge thank you as she gave up her time for free and has passed on lots of information, so do give her a follow or have a look at what she does with the links below:
Website –
Facebook –
Insta –
LinkedIn –

Costing for Creatives Facebook Group:
You can search for @Costing for Creatives or click here.
It’s a private group so you need to answer some admin questions, this is to ensure the members are genuine people and to keep it a safe space to ask questions.

Where you can find me!
Su is currently running monthly zoom workshops which can be booked via her website ( these are great for people who want to have a go with pastels, each workshop comes with a luxury art kit containing Unison and Faber-Castell pastels and either Velour or Pastelmat paper depending on the subject (plus instructions and everything else you need down to the tea!)
Tomorrow, don’t forget, I’ll be chatting about labelling and presentation (here’s where I am a pain in the behind about aesthetics) and it will all be available to read on my blog, right here from 09:00 UK Time. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and I’ll see you tomorrow, Ali

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