Stairway to heaven

Ian Chapman

I wanted to illustrate Led Zeplin's Stairway to Heaven and used a variety of photos from the internet to help me compose my picture. I carefully followed the song's word and decided I would use Margeret Thatcher as the woman who 'got what she came for.'
Her ghost is walking down the stairway after being turned away from heaven.
The picture shows the paths we can take in life. To the left is an English paradise, simple, but heaven on earth and easy to get to and overlooked by many. On the right is Saten and his other representations of evil, the serpent and the beast. They are protecting a more 'risky' paradise and show their presence as a sign that you will meet them on your way if you choose this pathway.
On the table is what Thatcher paid to go up the stairway and reminders of what she left behind her in her premiership.
There are other signs. Can you spot them? Pencil Crayon on A3 Fabrio paper.

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